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Talk about a cliff hanger! One of the most fascinating houses I’ve ever heard of. Simply incredible.

This has got “Villain Lair” written all over it.


Just another day in the park for Creel.

He might not have been able to do that if that bullet was travelling at a proper speed.

Has anyone found a car charger that doesn’t cause hideous whine-y feedback when you plug your phone into your radio?


Premiering this Monday! [TRAILER]

A story about the janitors of space.

Seems oddly familiar…


Your side plots

Their side schemes.

Your side has strategy.

They practice treachery.

Via Bad For Business

I, for one, am repulsed.

New Gerry Anderson TV project "FireStorm" launches via Kickstarter

New Who Review - "The Caretaker"

I fear the juxtaposition of these two lines may have been missed.



These are the disease outbreaks that could have been prevented by proper vaccination according to the Council on Foreign Relations. You can explore the interactive map here.

Check out the thousands of whooping cough cases in the United States in 2011 and the measles outbreaks plaguing Europe.

Would also be interested to see the speed of decline in rotavirus, meningitis, and pneumonia deaths in south Asia and subsaharan Africa due to vaccines for those diseases.

Let’s all look at Jenny McCarthy accusingly, shall we?

Via John Green's tumblr

Why is nobody going on about the fact that Peter Capaldi is playing Mr. Curry in the Paddington movie?


That thing gets used for the last thing you’re thinking.

10 Sex Toys That Make Your Weirdest Fetish Seem Sane

#8. Death by Orgasm

That, friends, is a vibrator, and it’s also an unnecessarily realistic scorpion statuette. With a box shaped like a coffin and a name like Death by Orgasm, this thing is either heavily marketed for goths or the worst-camouflaged Darwin Award test the world has ever seen (options are not mutually exclusive).

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Someday, someone will re-package that as “The Tingler”, and sales will skyrocket.


We ordered a sample pencil/stuff pouch. The screen printing (not shown) is perfect quality! It’s large, which is great for pencils-slash-stuff. Hand shown for scale. In store in a month or so.

I may have a use for a velvet bag that can hold a human hand. How fortuitous.

Can it be Scotchgarded by any chance?  I ask merely for information.


This is actually happening.

If one of the lots isn’t a pair of red sequined kinky boots, I quit the Internet forever.

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