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I’d like to report a crime…


this man has a face like sunshine and a torso like hellfire

this is poetry

He’s so pretty.

I dunno, I know more than a few people who’d say it fits perfectly.

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Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues!: The Union Suit Squad

This is an amazingly creative blog, proposing team-ups nobody but every comic book fan with a soul would want to see.



Peter Davison getting ready to become the 5th Doctor…

btw, it was Peter Davison’s birthday yesterday and it’s Peter Capaldi’s birthday today!

He looks rightfully petrified.


So this is my 6th day in a row at work (fucking retail).

The big update is happening in GW2 tomorrow.

I am finally off tomorrow.


I am so looking forward to account-bound dyes and I’m interested to see how the megaserver turns out. The new trait system… we’ll see. I know they want us to experiment with our builds but I’m lazy and I like my current setups. Meh. It’ll probably be awesome.

Sell me on GW2.  

I played WoW and grew tired of it, I couldn’t slog through FF XI, so much so that I broke a blood oath to buy EVERY FF game in existence and skipped XIV.

Based on what I’ve gleaned about the game on here, its biggest selling point are the costumes.  That surely can’t be all of it. No monthly fee is nice, but it’s not a reason to play a game.

So seriously, what’s it got that the other MMORPGs don’t?

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Reblog for the last one

it’s a game show where everyone eats the furniture in a room and tries to see which is made of chocolate

So basically you’re telling me this is the best fucking game ever created

Win or lose, you’re going to the dentist.


So my feed had a good day.

Tumblr - we have our priorities in order.

Tumblr - we have our priorities in order.


I await patiently the complaints from fans on how the show will be ruined now that the general public will have access to it.

Nothing kills a fandom like too many people getting into it.  People love being into something obscure and on the periphery.

The collected tears when Welcome to Night Vale gets a movie or TV show will float a cabin cruiser.


Halloween means candy.

This month’s Mister Ghost Parcel’s theme is “Retro Halloween,” so the crew is headed to a candy store for research.

Halloween and Easter are both all about candy.

Which makes sense since both center around people who return from the grave.

Via Evil Supply Company production blog

secretidentitycustoms asked: Thoughts about the new Teen Titans series? I'm really uncomfortable with how Rocafort is sexualizing a girl who is supposed to be (at most) 18 years old.


Well I don’t like the cover and you know who else had problems with it? Former DC Editor Janelle Asselin who did a very nice take down of it for CBR.  Don’t read the comments on the article - the CBR forums attracts some real assholes.

The comment thread of any post on the internet is like equal time for the people who can’t write articles for the internet.  It’s that guy they get in the other talking head box on the cable news channel to say…

Via DC Women Kicking Ass



Inky paw prints presumably left by a curious kitty on a 15th century manuscript.

From National Geographic.

#this will forever be the funniest thing to me #that poor scribe just #GOD DAMN IT CAT #CANST THOU NOT SEE I AM AT WORK #ge-GET OFF YE BEAST #THOU HAST RUINED IT #NO THOU DOST NOT RECIEVE SCRATCHIES


I shudder to think what the repercussions would be if this had been a bible.



as a white person i apologize

As a black person, I say that you don’t need to apologize.

You should not be held accountable for what your ancestors did. They did bad things to people, but you didn’t. You also shouldn’t feel as though you aren’t allowed to have problems. Just because society leans toward favouring white people, doesn’t mean your life is perfect and stress free.

You don’t need to feel bad for being born the race you are. No one should

Could I ask you to write to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and let them know that?  Cause I think they disagree.

Via I'm a fan of being a fan because fandom rocks.



I’m playing with fat.
Waiting for the Adipose in Doctor Who Legacy.

ohmygod i thought this was a giant human sized adipose

No, THIS is a human sized Adipose…

I can understand the confusion.

Ask a physicist what “In a perfect world” means to him

Physics formulas you learned in school, like g for the universal gravitic acceleration constant, ignore wind resistance and the minor but measurable differences for distance from the center of the Earth.

For a physicist, “A perfect world” is a flat Earth with no air, cause that’s the only way all the formulas work precisely.

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