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Dan Slott’s fans sharing download codes online to get people to try Spider-man #698

An amazing grass-roots (one man) marketing campaign is going on at Dan Slott’s Twitter feed.  Fans who have bought the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man #698 are posting their included download codes for the issue.  

Marvel’s comics come with a “free” (the book is 3.99 - do the math) code to download a digital copy of your purchase for reading on your tablet or iDevice.  Many (OK, some…OK, Rich Johnston) have suggested selling those codes to other people to defray the cost of the comic.  But Spider-fen are sharing the codes wth all and sundry, via Dan, in the hope to get them to check out the issue in question.

If you’re the first person to grab the code and take it to the redemption site, you’ll be able to download a copy of the issue for free, and see what everybody’s pulling their hair out about.

If it succeeds, it could bring a few new readers to the book, and maybe even to the world of digital comics.  If not, a few people have done a good deed with a code they weren’t going to use anyway, and where’s the bad in that?

I reviewed the issue (or more specifically, discussed the reaction to the big twist) at ComicMix.

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