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All love and respect to Gail Simone but...

The Green Team by Art Baltazar and Franco?

Gail’s book, The Movement, sounds really interesting, and she’s got the chops to do some very interesting things with it, IF they give her the space to do the work, as Webb Wilder would put it.

But… It’s The Green Team.

Joe Simon’s second to last work for DC comics(*). A team with the most logical super power on Earth - wealth.  Their goal was to fund the most magnificent inventions humanity could create.  And based on the teaser of the book, Art & Franco are not changing the base idea at all.

I cannot TELL you how much I want to hear more about this.  With Art and Franco’s Kickstarter for their comic company getting full funding in ONE DAY, it’s been a good week for the boys.

(*) The last being the original Outsiders, a team I’m proud to say I talked James Robinson into cameoing in his run of Superman, making it the last character or team from legendarily wacky anthology / try out book First Issue Special to make an appearance in post Crisis continuity. 

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