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"The Cavendishes are a BIG family."

Craig Shaw Gardner was briefly my favorite new humorous sci-fi and fantasy writer for a few years in the late eighties and early nineties, during which he enjoyed a dizzying period of creativity and production at Ace Books.

Of his various trilogies, my favorite was likely the Cineverse Cycle, in which our hero is transported into a world where all the tropes of film are real things - on a world based on foreign films, everyone’s speech is translated via subtitles that appear before them.  On a Western world, they travel by song - a long trip across a desert is compressed by one of the cowboys pulling out a guitar and slapping out a ditty as they ride, arriving at their destination just as the song ends.

In one scene, the bad guys, the Cavendish family prepare to ride off and do the world ill.  They all head for their various horses; tornado, lightning, thunder etc.  When it comes the main character’s turn, the only horse left is named Moderate Summer Squall.

Doesn’t look like many of his books are in print, but by God they’re worth trolling a used book shop or two.

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