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Kate Stewart is a bit of a history-maker – she’s the first character created in non-TV media to be folded into the official Doctor Who continuity. We first met Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart’s daughter Kate in a semi-pro-produced video adventure, Downtime. There were a number of groups producing high-quality continuing adventures, in most cases, without The Doctor, as they didn’t have the rights to the name. Reeltime Pictures got original castmembers for their productions, in this case including Nicholas Courtney (The Brig), Elizabeth Sladen (dear sweet Sarah Jane), and Deborah Watling, reprising her role of Victoria Waterfield. Kate was played by Beverley Cressman in that adventure, and again nearly ten years later, this time as the main character, in Daemos Rising. A lot of people had their money on Bernice Surprise Summerfield, P.G.A.S.(“Pretty Good At Scrabble”) or perhaps the glorious flibbertigibbet Iris Wyldthyme to be the first to make the jump, but congratulations to plucky Kate to do it first.

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